Me…A Sledneck?

Not long ago, riding a snowmobile for me meant noisy, stinky, expensive, unreliable and not so environmentally friendly.

Actually, it still does. But the only difference is that I have just discovered how a snowmobile can also open up endless opportunities for backcountry skiing.

In the Purcell mountains, miles and miles of forestry road lead to a variety of unbelievable ski terrain and metres of untouched powder that without a snowmobile, it would take days to get to.

Last weekend, with an open mind, my husband and I borrowed our friends’ machine and headed to the mountains.

After struggling to load/unload the snowmobile onto our truck and to figure out how to attach our ski gear properly and actually drive that thing, off we went on the snow-covered forestry roads. We followed the tracks already set by other snowmobilers the day before, all the way to their end.

With a broad smile on our faces, we realized we were the first and only skiers in the whole drainage since the last snowfall. (On the down side, we also realized that we had to set the skin track up ourselves, which I happily let my dear husband do!).

From the moment we left the snowmobile to skin up, we were back to what we know, and if I can say, back to our “non motorized comfort zone”.

The snow that day was perfect, the skiing was incredible, the mountains were gorgeous and we really felt seuls au monde.

Having been used to ski touring in Europe first, and then to mostly car-accessible terrain (which means you end up skiing with a lot of people), I must say that this experience was VERY enjoyable.

Getting ready to skin up after an hour of snowmobiling on a forestry road near Kimberley.

I am not sure whether I can call myself a sledneck just yet…But I know I will repeat the snowmobile-assisted backcountry skiing experience soon…that’s for sure!