Revelstoke’s Very Own Handcrafted Snowboard Company

The Powder Highway is home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding, but did  you know it is also home to some real high quality gear crafting?

It is general knowledge that ski bums are often real gear freaks, but only a handful pushes it to the point where they start making their own gear in their garage…

This is how Revelstoke residents Tyler Riddell and Greg Fortier first started handcrafting snowboards for their personal use in January 2011.  Rapidly they started getting orders from locals and out-of-towners.

No wonder their products are gaining in popularity.

The board designs are first inspired by the snow conditions and the type of terrain around Revy, the two co-founders’ local playground. Trapper Snowboards (that is the name of the company) offer four different models of boards, available in 3 or 4 sizes each and also available as split-boards, for the ones that are not afraid to earn their turns.

Boards are made of a well-thought-of combination of local wood, mostly old Douglas fir, that the company buys from the small sawmill down the road. The combination of the wood with other top grade materials including their proprietary carbon and basalt fiber composite provides the boards their performance and incredible durability.

Quality handcrafted snowboards can also look great.

Because good quality handmade snowboards don’t need to look ordinary, Trapper partners up with seven talented artists, all from Western Canada, to create unique and appealing top sheet graphics, featuring local animal and plant species and mystic mountain sceneries.

Trapper Snowboards are made to be ridden with passion – with or without bindings.